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VerifyMe provides advanced Brand Protection solutions to companies worldwide. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ market under the ticker symbol VRME.

Company Profile

VerifyMe, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRME) provides comprehensive brand protection and customer engagement solutions that combine ultra-secure product authentication, track and trace, and customized engagement strategies with industry-leading online retail monitoring capabilities.

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Investor FAQ

Q: Does VerifyMe pay a dividend?
A: Currently VerifyMe does not pay a dividend.

Q: What is the VerifyMe ticker symbol?
A: Our common stock ticker symbol is VRME.

Q: How can I get the current VerifyMe stock price?
A: CNBC or Yahoo Finance can provide a 15-minutes delayed price, as well as other information regarding VerifyMe stock.

Q: Who should I contact regarding my stock certificate(s)?
A: You should contact the VerifyMe transfer agent, West Coast Stock Transfer, Inc., by one of these methods:

  • Phone: +1 619 664 4780
  • Address: 721 N. Vulcan Ave. Ste. 205, Encinitas, CA 92024

VerifyMe Corporate

Q: Where can I get information on the company?
A: The About Us page contains a variety of information regarding VerifyMe.

Q: Who is the VerifyMe independent auditor?
A: The VerifyMe independent auditor is MaloneBailey LLP

  • Phone: +1 713 343 4286
  • Address: 9801 Westheimer Road, Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77042

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