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Experience the VerifyMe Difference

If customers wear or ingest your product, you have to be sure it’s authentic. See how VerifyMe solutions help solve counterfeiting and diversion challenges and improve product-level customer engagement across markets and around the world.

jars of face creams


Cosmetics manufacturers can experience issues making sure that their brand isn’t harmed by the sale of inferior, and sometimes even toxic, counterfeit product. VerifyMe can help by eradicating counterfeit product issues.

cannabis buds and cbd oils


As the cannabis industry has continued to expand in states across the U.S. and in countries around the globe, counterfeiting and product diversion in the industry are also on the rise. VerifyMe technology does the legwork in stopping fraudulent sales.

nutraceutical pill packs


Nutraceuticals are a growing market with vast potential. As the market grows, so does the threat of unauthorized product being sold to consumers. VerifyMe provides full track and trace supply chain visibility.

wine bottles with labels


Counterfeiting in the spirits industry is so rampant many brand owners consider it a competitor, and in many cases these fraudulent products can be deadly. VerifyMe’s solutions help them understand what was real and counterfeit.

clothing store shelves


Until now, there has been no real way to authenticate apparel. Our cutting-edge technology can help. We can embed an invisible code or proprietary thread in a myriad of apparel locations to enable product authentication and engagement.

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