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Engagement and Authentication for Cannabis Producers

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As the cannabis industry has continued to expand in states across the U.S., counterfeiting and product diversion in the industry are also on the rise. Increasing complexity of the issue is a growth in online sales, which creates new opportunities to attract shoppers with cheaper, and potentially harmful goods, to turn a profit. From cannabis and vape cartridges to CBD products, edibles and paraphernalia, counterfeiting is not only risking the health and safety of consumers, but also disrupting brand revenue and loyalty.

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What VerifyMe Can Do

Authentic sales boost credibility and reliability, which is something critical to consumers using marijuana products. VerifyMe technology does the legwork in limiting fraudulent sales.

With one client, we produce a tamper-evident label including a VerifyMe QR code, which the consumer is encouraged to scan to authenticate the product. Any copying of codes would flag on the dashboard. Removal of the label would compromise packaging. This client has seen consumer engagement improve threefold as scans of product are made post-sale, and to date no counterfeit issues have been reported.

Solution Details

Authentication for customers and brand owners

Our packaging technology prints invisible ink directly on a product label that can be easily scanned and authenticated by a brand representative or inspector in the same way a visible QR code is scanned. On the consumer side, VerifyMe also creates visible package labeling that allows the customer to authenticate the product with a smartphone, instilling trust and credibility.

Advertising access and marketing engagement

VerifyMe Engage™ forges a bond with consumers, allowing them to explore new products, view a Certificate of Analysis, receive discounts, provide feedback on their experience, and more. Once the consumer enters their information, companies are able to open a direct communication channel with that consumer, building a relationship with them, and creating a powerful advertising medium.


In the cannabis world, by law, companies have to produce a certificate of analysis for everything being sold. The consumer has to be able to review that the product they purchased has been tested in a lab, and that the potency level is documented. Simply by scanning VerifyMe Code™ and authenticating the product, the consumer is able to download the associated certificate of analysis.

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  • VerifyChecker™

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