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Ensuring Authenticity of Uniforms, Clothing, and More

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While we are all familiar with the theft-deterrent tag removed by sales associates at point of sale, until now, there has been no real way to authenticate apparel.

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What VerifyMe Can Do

Our cutting-edge technology can help. Consider a fabric similar to a wash and care label sewn into a shirt or on the tongue of a pair of sneakers. We can embed an invisible code or proprietary thread in a myriad of apparel locations to enable product authentication and engagement.

Solution Details

Multiple authentication approaches

VerifyMe technology is able to authenticate uniforms by putting threads or QR codes into the clothing that can be verified with the VerifyChecker™ instantly, or can be scanned into the cloud, using a QR code or NFC chip. We can also insert invisible barcodes into apparel for track and trace capabilities.

Ease and accuracy

It is simple to incorporate any of the applicable VerifyMe technologies into apparel applications. And once in the garment, these solutions provide easy authentication, protection, or engagement.

Diverse applications

Perhaps a member of the military is entering a government building in uniform. Personnel at the entrance could scan the uniform to ensure it is authentic. This same approach could be used to verify the provenance of sports memorabilia, making sure the article is truly from a designer label, and more.

  • VerifyThread™
  • VerifyChip™
  • VerifyCode™
  • VerifyChecker™

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