online brand protection

Meet Today’s Counterfeiting and Diversion Challenges

VerifyMeOnline™ helps meet the complex demands of modern
brands with an unrivalled combination of technology,
human expertise, and global reach.

Gain marketing intelligence
by relying on a solution that
tracks and monitors over 1,000 marketplaces daily.

Pinpoint IP violations
as analysts identify manufacturers and distributors of fake goods.

Effectively protect your brand
with hyper-local teams who maintain strong relationships with marketplace website owners.

How VerifyMeOnline™ Helps

VerifyMeOnline™ Brand Protection solutions use advanced technology to identify, prioritize, and enforce instances of IP infringement taking place across the most active areas of the internet. The ability to identify large networks across different platforms allows for the most impactful enforcement, surveillance, and ROI.

A user-friendly portal enables collaboration and an extensive reporting platform details exactly what content owners and brand owners want to know. With analysts speaking more than 35 languages, we understand the cultural, linguistic, and legal hurdles encountered when attempting to enforce your rights and offer invaluable insight for IP owners.

online brand protection

The Technology

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Comprehensive brand protection is the result of global monitoring of online marketplaces, social media channels, websites, app stores, and domains. Algorithmic data clustering pinpoints multiple seller identities across the web and a risk-based prioritization model eliminates inconsistency and indeterminacy.

Customer-centric reporting and support includes a full-service online-to-offline workflow linking digital data to real-world cases investigated by our certified intelligence team.

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Cutting edge monitoring and enforcement technology is augmented by an intuitive portal that streamlines online takedowns with one-click enforcement. Our intelligent anti-piracy algorithms lead the industry in cleaning search results associated with dark traffic keywords to deny pirates web traffic and drive users to authorized content.

Discover how VerifyMeOnline™ can be used in a variety of applications to stop counterfeiting.

Start solving your business-critical challenges.