Protect the integrity of your products and their associated NFTs

VerifyNFT™ uses patented dual-code technology to verify and connect physical products to their associated NFT certificates of ownership.

Eliminate counterfeiting

by tying physical products
to a secure, tamper-proof
non fungible tokens

Enable secure transfer of ownership of products and NFTs

assuring buyers that they are
receiving a genuine product tied
to its NFT

Protect NFT marketplaces

by eliminating counterfeiting and
fraudulent transactions

Stay ahead of competitors

by becoming an early adopter of
fast-growing NFT technology

Build confidence in your brand

by providing consumers with a new
way to validate purchases

Drive consumer engagement

through loyalty and engagement
programs, data mining, and deep
client and customer insights

VerifyNFT: a solution for the physical and digital worlds

Non fungible tokens, known as NFTs, are a new type of crypto asset that uses blockchain to represent a physical or digital product. NFTs are being embraced by organizations across a wide range of industries, including luxury goods, sports memorabilia, wine and spirits, original art, apparel, automotive, credentials, and more.

These industries are realizing the potential of NFTs to reduce counterfeiting by providing a new tool for validating product ownership and authenticity.

NFTs are also a crucial part of the fast-growing digital space. NFT-powered platforms fuel marketplaces for selling everything from digital art and music to autographs and sports collectibles. And the metaverse, an online virtual world that allows users to collaborate, game, and socialize, will rely on NFTs to represent ownership of digital assets.

Our VerifyNFT™ technology helps organizations capture opportunities by tying physical products to a corresponding NFT. Each NFT acts as a digital certificate of ownership forever connected to its physical product, allowing buyers to verify its authenticity or to transfer ownership of the physical product and its associated NFT. And VerifyNFT™ provides an effective solution for NFT marketplaces grappling with increased counterfeiting and fraud.


The Technology


VerifyMe links physical products with their NFTs through a VerifyMe patented technology known as Dual Code Authentication. Dual Code Authentication utilizes unique visible and invisible codes that can be embedded in metal, plastic, fabric, glass, and paper substrates. These codes are tied to the corresponding NFT certificate of ownership stored in the blockchain. Buyers receive both the physical product and its associated NFT, allowing them to validate authenticity as well as confirm or transfer ownership.

This industry-leading, dual-code technology makes it impossible to produce counterfeit NFTs or counterfeit physical products tied to digital NFTs, a growing challenge for many NFT providers. VerfiyNFT™ seamlessly integrates with all major blockchains, including Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Polka Dot, Avalanche etc. The unique invisible code is a deep forensic mark that Verifyme can authenticate on a Smartphone that is specially equipped with patented equipment assigned to inspectors.

Why VerifyNFT™?

The VerifyNFT solution empowers organizations to implement a highly effective NFT program that inhibits counterfeiting, builds customer confidence, and drives engagement. As an industry leader in authentication and brand protection, we have the technology and experience to offer a superior solution. We provide:

1. Patented dual-code technology for linking Digital NFTs to their associated physical products
2. Technology that integrates seamlessly with various cloud and blockchain formats
3. Proven success tackling fraud, counterfeiting and product diversion for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands
4. Experience securing millions of products, labels, and packaging materials with zero reported counterfeits
5. A dedicated team of NFT software experts
6. Experience and expertise in working directly with brand owners to help them develop unique proprietary solutions

Start solving your business-critical challenges.