Thursday, October 10, 2013



Staff reporter


An unnamed Japanese pharmaceutical labeller is to pilot LaserLock Technology Inc's SecureLight+ colour-shifting pigment technology.

SecureLight+ is  a pigment that combines multiple levels of security to thwart counterfeiters, says LLTI. By taking advantage of green technology, SecureLight+ has the ability to instantly change colour under both CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) and LED light sources.

Simultaneously embedded with SecureLight+ is an additional safeguard that contains an up-converting infrared feature and a customizable digital signature that can only be read with a specifically tuned handheld device.

The Japanese pharma label specialist will conduct a "significant pilot project" using the technology and is successful will "market the advanced anti-counterfeiting solution to pharmaceutical companies worldwide", according to LLTI.

"We are excited to announce that our revolutionary anti-counterfeiting technology has now expanded into the Asian market," said LLTI's chief executive Neil Alpert.

"Consumers and pharmaceutical companies that utilize our partner's labels containing SecureLight+ will know that their drugs are authentic and safe."

LLTI estimates that the current market for colour-shifting pigments is somewhere between $55m and $235m a year at the moment, but has the potential to expand to several billion dollars in the next decade as use in security applications becomes more widely adopted.

This year, the company has announced sales of its anti-counterfeit and authentication technologies in a number of markets, including identification documents and gaming pieces.


LaserLock makes foray into pharma with anti-counterfeit pigments