Arca Etichette, Based in Italy, Opens European Market to VerifyMe Brand Protection Using HP Indigo Digital Presses

Rochester, NY - April 16, 2019 – GlobeNewswire — VerifyMe, Inc. (OTCQB: VRME) (the “Company”), a digital security, authentication and tracking technology solutions provider, and Arca Etichette (“Arca”), a leading label and packaging company based in Milan, Italy, today announced that they had signed a license agreement for Arca to incorporate VerifyMe’s brand protection technology solutions to brand owners throughout Europe.

This agreement will also launch VerifyMe’s digital security, authentication and tracking solutions in Europe. The contract is the first leasing of VerifyMe’s patented smart phone authentication devices which reads invisible codes into the cloud and are recorded in the Company’s serialization, track & trace software platform called VeriPAS. VerifyMe’s devices will be are leased to brand owners by Arca and in exchange for recurring revenue.

VerifyMe Chief Executive Officer Patrick White, commented, “We are thrilled to have secured this agreement with Arca, as it’s our Company’s first ever contract with an important European label provider that completes our transition from a US only client base to a global client base. The problem of counterfeiting and product diversion continues to grow uncontrollably all around the world. Brand owners need a solution now and our VeriPAS system is the most complete, effective and compelling solution on the market. We look forward to rolling out the deployment of our new smart phone authenticators and VeriPAS cloud software solution with Arca. Look for future announcements in the coming months as we expand and strengthen our international footprint.”

VerifyMe’s technologies are approved and supported by Hewlett-Packard (“HP”) Indigo digital printing presses. HP markets VerifyMe’s security invisible ink technology as “ElectroInk Security 523”. Our partner, S-One Labels & Packaging (S-OneLP), manages sales and marketing of VerifyMe products.

Arca’s business covers a wide range of industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Food, Automotive, Domestic Appliances and Mechanical Components with National and Multinational Companies.

Arca Label Division Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Roberto Sala, stated, “We are very excited to work with VerifyMe and roll-out their technology solutions across a variety of industries throughout Europe. Our global customer base of brand owners have increasingly experienced counterfeiting and product diversion of their products and have expressed a desire for a technology solution to mediate these issues to protect their brand and improve their profitability. We believe VerifyMe’s technology provides a high value-add solution that our brand owners will seek to deploy. We look forward to working with VerifyMe’s team in rolling this out to our existing and new customers.”

This global agreement provides Arca with the ability to place VerifyMe’s digital security, authentication and tracking technology solutions in the hands of brand owners who seek to secure their products and goods from counterfeiters and product diversion. This contract entails the first leasing of VerifyMe’s smartphone authentication devices, which read the invisible RainbowSecure™ codes into the cloud and are recorded in the Company’s serialization, track and trace software platform called, “VeriPAS”. These devices are expected to be leased to brand owners and investigators, which will result in a recurring leasing revenue business model for VerifyMe.

In conjunction with the smart phone reading device, the VeriPAS cloud-based software gives brand owners the ability to monitor, control and protect their products life cycle. This software resides in the cloud and brand owners access it over the internet. The software generates serialization codes which the brand owner purchases from VerifyMe. These codes are then printed on labels and packaging in both visible codes for consumers to engage and invisible codes known as RainbowSecure which trained brand inspectors review with VerifyMe’s smart phone reading device.

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About Arca Etichette A company that is consistently committed to perfecting its products: materials selected by a fully equipped laboratory, modern and innovative printing machines, a qualified and highly motivated staff. Advanced labels and sleeves that ensure compliance with all specifications and provide the level of efficiency required for the manufacturing industry. At Arca, investments in R&D is approximately 5% of net earnings, with, on average, one patent every year. ISO 9001 certified quality system (covering engineering design, production and sales) is based on modern production processes, inspired by theories of “lean production” and total quality.

A flexible organization that works hard to satisfy customers, with a clear vision and precise mission. Specializing in self-adhesive labels and shrink sleeves, Arca also manufactures labeling machines. Designing and manufacturing both consumables and machinery, Arca is a one-stop supplier, mastering both aspects of the industry, providing unparalleled project design consulting and a comprehensive service. See and

About VerifyMe, Inc. VerifyMe is a global technology company which specializes in brand protection and biometric people authentication. VerifyMe combines proprietary invisible security inks with cloud-based serialization, track and trace block chain software that enables brand owners to monitor, control and authenticate their products complete “life cycle”. In addition, VerifyMe has a digital software platform that authenticates people by biometrics and other multi-factor verification processes.

VerifyMe’s physical technology authenticates packaging, labels and documents with a suite of proprietary security inks and pigments, which work in conjunction with serialization and track-and-trace software. The company’s digital technologies authenticate people by performing strong, multi-factor biometric verification via its patented digital software platforms. To learn more, visit

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