NEW YORK, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- VerifyMe, Inc. (OTCQB:VRME), a pioneer in patented physical, cyber and biometric technologies that prevent identity theft, counterfeiting and fraud, and the Indigo Division of HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) ("HP Indigo") a global printing technology leader, announced today that they have signed a five-year global contract whereby the companies will incorporate VerifyMe's pigment products with HP Indigo's ElectroInk to be used for packaging, label authentication, anti-counterfeiting and covert item level serialization for supply chain and distribution security.

This solution will be marketed as RainbowSecure™ powered by HP Indigo and sold globally by VerifyMe to HP Indigo customers. The solution includes a security ElectroInk as well as VerifyMe's readers and authentication tools that can be used in conjunction with the security ElectroInk. Both companies will provide support to HP Indigo customers that use the RainbowSecure™ solution on HP Indigo's digital printing presses.

"The integration of VerifyMe's technology with HP's industry leading ElectroInk creates a powerful combination that delivers high quality commercial digital printing with robust fraud prevention, authentication and brand security," stated Patrick White, President and Chief Executive Officer of VerifyMe. "We have already begun showcasing and successfully testing this solution with several HP Indigo commercial customers."

"The HP Security Electroink containing RainbowSecure™ is in an ink canister that is mounted into the Digital Indigo press along with the other ink stations," Mr. White added. "It is therefore a very simple and seamless process to incorporate highly effective authentication to any label, packaging or document. Since the HP Indigo is a digital press, the technology can easily print numbers, codes or images either fixed or variable."

About VerifyMe, Inc. VerifyMe, Inc., is a high-tech solutions company that markets a broad patent portfolio that includes patents in the field of authenticating products and people. VerifyMe's physical technology authenticates packaging, labels & documents with a suite of proprietary security inks and pigments. The company's digital technologies authenticate people by performing strong, multi-factor verification via its patented digital software platforms. To learn more, visit