Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. May 15, 2013 - LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:LLTI), a global leader in providing state-of-the-art authentication solutions to governments, health care providers, high-end retailers and the gaming industry today released a new easy solution for Apple’s iOS to help people manage complex passwords called VerifyMe. VerifyMe is a free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod that allows users to store their passwords locally and access password protected websites with a unique identifier based on a swipe pattern and color choice chosen by the user. VerifyMe is available for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod now in the Apple Store at

“Everyday, peoples’ identities are compromised. It’s time to break away from a reliance on passwords and this is LaserLock’s first of many innovative applications focused on keeping identities safe and secure.” said Michael Sonnenreich, Chairman of the Board.

VerifyMe identifies a user's choice of color and a unique swipe pattern that is created on the device’s touch screen. After a personal color and swipe pattern is chosen, users input their passwords from any website only once. Users can then login to any website within the VerifyMe app without having to input their passwords.

According to Neil Alpert, President of LaserLock Technologies, “VerifyMe is easy to use, free, and completely private, as it doesn’t require registration. All password information is stored on the user’s devices. The current version does not move any personal information off of the device, securing the user’s private swipe gesture information locally.”

VerifyMe for iOS is one of a new series of offering from LaserLock Technologies.  Additional applications with increased security are planned in the near future.

Download the free VerifyMe app for iPhone, iPad and iPod at



LaserLock Technologies, Inc. based in Washington, D.C. is publicly traded on the OTC Market under the ticker symbol “LLTI”. The Company markets security technology to protect pharmaceuticals, high-end retail goods, the gaming industry, documents and branded products from counterfeiting. To learn more, visit us at or follow us on Twitter @LaserLockTech.