Tuesday, December 10, 2013

WASHINGTON, DC--(Dec 10, 2013) - LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: LLTI), a company involved in authenticating products and people, held its 2013 Annual General Meeting on December 9th in Washington, DC. Shareholders expressed strong support for the Company's directors and all resolutions placed before them. Of 243,500,886 shares entitled to vote, 174,733,104 shares were voted, representing 69 percent of total shares.

The shareholders approved all resolutions placed before them. Michael R. Sonnenreich was reelected as Chairman of the Board. Additionally, Claudio R. Ballard, Sec. Michael Chertoff, Constance B. Harriman, General Peter Pace (USMC, Ret.), Jonathan R. Weinberger, Amb. Paul Wolfowitz and Neil Alpert, the company's Chief Executive Officer were all reelected. All directors on the ballot were elected to the Board. Morrison Cogen was retained as the Company's external auditors. Additionally, the shareholders approved the 2013 Omnibus Equity Compensation Plan, an advisory resolution regarding executive officer compensation and an advisory resolution requiring a future compensation plan vote after one year.

Immediately following the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors held its fourth quarter meeting, at which Paul F. Klapper of San Francisco was chosen to fill an empty seat on the Board of Directors.

"We are pleased to welcome Paul Klapper to the Board of Directors," said Sonnenreich. "His wealth of business experience in a large variety of sectors will assist the Company's growth in 2014 and beyond."


LaserLock is a high-tech solutions company in the field of authenticating products and people. It offers state of the art solutions to combat counterfeiting and identity fraud for governments, health care providers, the gaming industry, the financial services industry and high-end retailers.

LaserLock Technologies Holds 2013 Annual General Meeting