Friday, October 18, 2013


WASHINGTON, Oct. 18, 2013  -- LaserLock Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: LLTI), a company that authenticates products and people, today announced a new version of its VerifyMe™ Single Sign-On (SSO) app compatible with iOS 7, the latest version of the Apple® platform. The app now provides notification services that help protect against identity theft. This new version supports all of the improvements and enhancements in iOS 7 and is available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store.

"Like Apple with iOS 7 itself, we started with a desire to take something people love and make it better," said Neil Alpert, Chief Executive Officer. "We're proud to fully support iOS 7 and deliver improvements and new features to everyone who loves VerifyMe SSO."

VerifyMe SSO Version 1.1 is now available to replace Version 1.0. This update contains optimized compatibility with iOS 7. All VerifyMe SSO users who have saved login information within the app will have a smooth transition of their stored passwords into Apple's newest operating system. Saved login information can be stored locally on an iOS 7 compatible device, including all iPhone, iPad and iPod models. VerifyMe SSO utilizes the latest encryption techniques and a unique color swipe gesture to protect all of your most important login credentials.

VerifyMe SSO has also been updated with a notification option. This option can be enabled to send the user an email or text message alert whenever repeated attempts to access the VerifyMe SSO app are unsuccessful. For instance, if someone tries to "break in" to your VerifyMe SSO passwords on your iPad, you will receive a text alert on your iPhone. This gives you an extra level of assurance that your passwords are only accessed by you with your unique swipe and color pattern.

"We are constantly innovating to stay ahead of those who seek to harm consumers," said Michael R. Sonnenreich, Chairman of the Board. "Our new notification option will further protect our users' online identities as we prepare to release an even more enhanced and secure version of our app in the near future."

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LaserLock Technologies is a high-tech solutions company that authenticates products and people. It offers state-of-the-art solutions to combat counterfeiting and identity fraud for governments and health care providers, as well as the gaming, financial services and high-end retail industries.

The company authenticates products, government documents and currency with a suite of proprietary security inks and digital solutions that have never been compromised, making them safer than other anti-counterfeiting technologies such as holograms. LaserLock's anti-counterfeiting solutions protect the reputation and bottom-line of governments and businesses around the world.

The company authenticates people by performing strong, multi-factor identity validation via a patented digital platform called VerifyMeTM, which identifies an individual by requiring a shared secret (something you know), a physical token (something you have) and a biometric factor (something you are). The process takes less than five seconds and achieves military-grade authentication standards. As the world moves away from password-based authentication technology, LaserLock's VerifyMeTMplatform offers a more secure and easier alternative for authenticating online identities.