Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LaserLock Technologies (OTCBB: LLTI), a company involved in authenticating products and people, announced today that it has hired Col. Giles Kyser (Ret.) as Chief Operating Officer.

"I am pleased to welcome Giles Kyser to LaserLock Technologies," said Neil Alpert, Chief Executive Officer. "With several recent successes, it was imperative for the Company to round out our executive management team to handle the rapid growth we anticipate in the coming months."

Kyser comes to LaserLock after serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of Selex Galileo. Inc., a defense supplier owned by Finmeccanica. In his role at Selex, he developed a groundbreaking strategy that established the company as a player in the special operations training and aircraft integration market. Prior to this, he served a distinguished career in the United States Marine Corps, rising to the rank of Colonel and serving in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, where his final assignment was as Military Assistant and Chief of Staff for the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy. He was awarded the Legion of Merit with Gold Star and the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism on September 11th, among others. He also served as a senior executive at MIC Industries and as President and CEO of One Honor Solutions.

"Under the leadership of our Chief Executive Officer Neil Alpert, another senior management position is now in place.  Giles' experience will help the Company move to the next level," said Michael R. Sonnenreich, Chairman of the Board. "With this team, LaserLock will continue moving forward as a premium provider of anti-counterfeiting and authentication solutions."


LaserLock is a high-tech solutions company in the field of authenticating products and people. It offers state of the art solutions to combat counterfeiting and identity fraud for governments, health care providers, the gaming industry, the financial services industry and high-end retailers.

The company authenticates products, government documents, and currency with a suite of proprietary security inks and digital solutions that have never been compromised, making them safer than other anti-counterfeiting technologies such as holograms. LaserLock's anti-counterfeiting solutions protect the reputation and bottom-line of governments and businesses around the world.

The company authenticates people by performing strong, multi-factor identity validation via a patented digital platform called VerifyMe™, which identifies an individual by requiring a shared secret (something you know), a physical token (something you have) and a biometric factor (something you are). The process takes less than five seconds and achieves military-grade authentication standards. As the world moves away from password-based authentication technology, LaserLock's VerifyMe™ platform offers a more secure and easier alternative for authenticating online identities.

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Ann Marie Clements
Sage Communications (for LaserLock Technologies)

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