VerifyMe™ ID Services - Simple & Secure

  • VerifyMe™ ID Services replaces passwords and PINs with intuitive, user-friendly, multi-factor authentication.

  • Authenticates unique, live user identity, incorporating biometrics, GPS and other patented authentication methodologies.

  • Protects your customer’s privacy and the integrity of your brand.

Protect Users and Protect Brands

Facial recognition, fingerprint, voice and retina scanning

Identify Users and Real Products

Swipe pattern recognition and
personal color selection

Authenticate Users Authenticate products

Highly accurate location detection and verification


How it Works

VerifyMe™ has the ability to authenticate individuals using facial recognition, fingerprint, voice and retina scanning, swipe pattern recognition, location detection and approved IP detection.

Patented and Patents Pending

  • VerifyMe offers three-factor authentication, so all you have to do is click your secret color and enter your personal gesture swipe.

  • The application then employs three factors of security to access your passwords, providing you the highest levels of confidence, security and account protection within seconds. Applications range from protecting your current account passwords to protecting financial and identity information across a wide array of industries.

  • VerifyMe™ is the ideal tool to protect consumers and businesses from the many threats of identity fraud and theft.

VerifyMe Digital Demonstration (Patented and Patents Pending)


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