VerifyMe™ offers a wide range of technologies to authenticate products and packaging.  From invisible marking to custom track and trace solutions.


RainbowSecure® Marking System

The RainbowSecure® marking system - The world’s most advanced invisible covert serialization and authentication solution.  Deployed through variable digital printing on HP Indigo printing systems. 

RainbowSecure® Invisible Authentication Ink  

  • Invisible Marking and Serialization Solution.

  • Stops Product Diverters and Counterfeiters in their tracks.

  • Integrated  Dual Authentication and Tracking with VeriPAS Software.  Patent Pending.

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VeriPAS® Mobile Authentication

The VeriPAS® tracking and authentication system – utilizing the power of invisible decoding and verification in the field, for tracking and investigating product diversion and counterfeiting.  Smartphone-enabled for quick and easy checks in the field.  Powered by an advanced GS-1 compliant cloud-based track and trace software system.  Patent Pending.

VeriPAS® Mobile Authentication and Tracking

  • Dual authentication with overt and covert serial codes.

  • Cloud-based and smartphone-enabled.

  • Combines the power of RainbowSecure® invisible marking with cloud-based authentication and tracking.

  • API enabled for third-party track and trace systems.


Rainbow Secure® Covert Marking System Video
(Patented and Patents Pending)


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