VerifyMe™ offers a wide range of technologies to authenticate products and packaging.  From invisible marking to custom track and trace solutions.


RainbowSecure® Marking System

The RainbowSecure® marking system - The world’s most advanced invisible covert serialization and authentication solution.  Deployed through variable digital printing on HP Indigo printing systems. 

RainbowSecure® Invisible Authentication Ink  

  • Invisible Marking and Serialization Solution.

  • Stops Product Diverters and Counterfeiters in their tracks.

  • Integrated Dual Authentication and Tracking with VeriPAS Software.  Patent Pending.

VeriPAS Anti Counterfeiting.jpg

VeriPAS® Mobile Authentication

The VeriPAS® tracking and authentication system – utilizing the power of invisible decoding and verification in the field, for tracking and investigating product diversion and counterfeiting.  Smartphone-enabled for quick and easy checks in the field.  Powered by an advanced GS-1 compliant cloud-based track and trace software system.  Patent Pending.

VeriPAS® Mobile Authentication and Tracking

  • Dual authentication with overt and covert serial codes.

  • Cloud-based and smartphone-enabled.

  • Combines the power of RainbowSecure® invisible marking with cloud-based authentication and tracking.

  • API enabled for third-party track and trace systems.


RainbowSecure® Covert Marking System Video
(Patented and Patents Pending)


VerifyMe offers a variety of solutions to identify and stop fake products as part of your brand enforcement activities to protect your brand.  These solutions include secure product labels for enhanced product tracking.  To learn more about these and additional anti-counterfeiting and product authentication solutions, please contact us.

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