In today’s world, counterfeiting and identity theft have become a global epidemic. VerifyMe™ has the ability to verify the authenticity and provenance of any material good and the identity of any person.

Our mission is simple – to protect consumers, companies and governments from the crisis of global counterfeiting by offering cost-effective solutions that authenticate products, documents and people more effectively than ever before.

*Our client list is confidential at the request of our clients and as a matter of company policy.


Executive Statement

VerifyMe™ offers innovative security solutions that protect industries, governments, and individuals from the rising threat of fraud, identity theft and counterfeit products. Whether overt, covert or forensic, VerifyMe’s solutions are secure, resilient, easy to implement and cost effective.


VerifyMe Leadership


Norman Gardner
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board & Founder

Norman Gardner is the founder of the Company. He is the inventor of the Company's  core anti-counterfeiting technology. He served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1999-2013. 

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Jennica Hawkins
VP of Sales Physical

Jennica Hawkins is the Vice President, Sales for VerifyMe, Inc. responsible for establishing corporate strategy for channel partnering and the development and implementation of the strategic sales plan to promote growth and customer satisfaction within the anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, and consumer protection market.
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Board of Directors

Claudio R. Ballard

Claudio R. Ballard is the Chairman, Founder and one of the three Managing Members of VEEDIMS.
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Larry G. Shafran

Larry G. Shafran is a private investor and serves as a director of Wright Investors' Service Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:WISH), Cupcake Digital, Inc. and Glasstech, Inc.